Here are some useful and not so useful links regarding 3D graphics, coding and of course, theropods.

Coding and stuff

- the coolest 3D graphics library on the planet.

 - site for game development news and more

- a great site to start OpenGL development. Check out the really useful tutorials.


 - a software real-time 3D engine I did a long, long time ago. Useful to learn how to, as well as Not To, write a 3D engine.

Stanford Real-Time Programmable Shading Project

- an ongoing project that aims to do what the title says: Real-Time Programmable Shading. Check out the page for more details. Go Cardinal!

Nvidia Corporation

 - this takes you to the developer pages of NVidia where you will learn about BRDF, perpixel rendering and, most importantly, why NVidia GPUs rock.


 - because without it, there wouldn't be ODDSaur.


Theropods, and other Dinosauria

Dinosauria On-Line

 - if you're interested in Utahraptor, Protoavis and other creatures you thought should belong in a pet store.