This is the 1.051 release of ODDSaur. The .zip package contains the executable file, textures and source code. Release 1.051 shows ODDSaur running about displaying some simple actions with a couple of enviromental objects added into the background. The demo runs at 800x600x32. Remember, ODDSaur only runs on a NVidia Geforce, Geforce2 and above GPU. Release 1.051 now runs on GLUT instead of the normal Win32 API code.

NVidia's Detonator 3 drivers(6.31, 6.26 as well?) are apparently quite buggy and will result in unrendered/blank screens when ODDSaur is run. I suggest reverting to an older driver. I'm using Version 6.18 which runs ODDSaur pretty well.

Instructions: Unzip the file into a common directory and run creature.exe. Click, hold and drag your mouse to rotate ODDSaur.

Download Creature.Zip

Download physicsgl-0.1.tar.gz